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Can private companies be project partners?
No, private companies cannot be project partners in the Programme. They can be involved in the project as additional partners contributing to the project with their own resources. They may also act as external experts, consultants or other suppliers of external services, in this case public procurement rules must be followed.
What kind of budget distribution between project partners is recommended?
Each project partner budget has to be justified in regards to the planned activities.
Moreover, the project should demonstrate that all partners involved in the project are benefiting from it and there is clear effect of project activities on both sides of the border. Therefore it is recommended to keep the balance in distributing the total project budget between Latvian and Lithuanian partners.
What is the minimum eligible project budget?
€ 23.000, from which
€ 20.000 is ERDF funding and € 3000 (15%) is national co-financing provided by project partners.
Are there any financial limits for investments?
As long as ERDF funding does not exceed maximum amount, there are no limits for investments. Costs for investments have to be justified in regards to the planned activities. For projects requesting ERDF funding between 20.000 and 50.000 EUR, investments are not encouraged.
Are there any percentage limits for budget lines?
There are no limits for budget distribution between the budget lines (the main principle is that the costs have to be justified in regards to the planned activities) except:

BL3 Indirect Administration Costs - can be up to 5% of the total eligible Project budget;
BL7 In Kind Contribution - can be up to 15% of Project Partner's total eligible budget;
BL8 Preparation Costs - can be up to 5% of the total eligible Project budget but no more than EUR 50.000, whichever is lower.
How long it will take for Project Partners to reimburse money they have spent in Project?
From four months after the end of reporting period. It depends on how fast the reports will be prepared and finalised by project partners as well as how long the Lead partner will prepare joint progress report and how many clarifications will be needed. Therefore it is very important to start preparation of reports in due time, before end of a particular reporting period.
Are advance payments available in the Programme?
Payments to the projects are made on a reimbursement basis and no advance payments are available, unless national co-financing from state budgets is available to partners.
Are rooms provided by the project partner organisation eligible as in-kind contribution?
No. Unpaid voluntary work is the only type of in-kind contribution that is eligible in the Programme.
Can municipal enterprise or agency be a Lead partner or project partner?
Yes it can if it qualifies as public equivalent body as defined in chapter 4.4.1 of Programme Manual.
What has to be the minimum number of partners involved in the project?
Projects have to involve at least one Lithuanian and one Latvian partner, which is registered or permanently located and actively operating in the eligible area of the Programme. One of the project partners has to be appointed as the LP.
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