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At which stage of project development should the Partnership Agreement be signed?
The Partnership Agreement has to be concluded before signing the Subsidy Contract. Partnership Agreement must be concluded and the original must be submitted to the JTS when submitting the signed Subsidy Contract.
Is it possible to hire external consultant to carry out the project coordinator tasks?
Yes, it is possible. It is in line with Programme rules to externalise the project management. External consultant has to have a sound knowledge of issues addressed by the project and has to be able to work as a driving force to the partnership. However, the Lead partner has to ensure that the external consultant shall be closely supervised by Lead partner organization. Therefore a responsible person form its organisation has to be appointed.
Can we send project application form to JTS before the official call deadline for preliminary assessment?
JTS will not preliminary check and assess application forms. Applicants are advised to send to the JTS detailed questions and JTS will provide answers to those.
Are the Programme documents available in languages other than English?
The official Programme documents are only available in English, the working language of the Programme.
Latvian and Lithuanian translations of Programme Manual and Application Form is available under section 'How to implement'.
Should Partner Declaration be filled on the official letterhead of the organisation?
Partner Declaration must be filled by each project partner, including Lead partner, organisation on the official letterhead of the organisation and submitted together with the Application Form.
Can preparation of technical documentation and construction works be implemented during one single project?
No. The full set of technical documentation in line with the national building legislation for activities planned to be carried out during the project has to be submitted together with the Application Form.
Nevertheless, technical documentation for construction works can be prepared in a separate project.
Technical documentation preparation and construction works can be implemented during one single project in cases when technical documentation will be prepared for some other construction works which will be implemented later, not during this concrete project.
What technical documentation for construction works has to be submitted?
The full set of technical documentation in line with the national building legislation (including feasibility study, technical project, environmental impact assessment, permits for building, etc.) in original language has to be submitted. These documents are required to obtain evidence that in case the project is approved the tender procedure for construction works can begin immediately and in order to assess costs. Furthermore, the detailed breakdown of (re)construction costs has to be included.
How to plan the budget for external services? At the moment of the application we do not know the exact amount.
In the application form the values for external service items are only estimated. However, the planned costs should be based on real estimations done, e. g. on a basis of market research, business proposals or previous practice in the field. The specification of external services should be sufficient to help assessors to understand which activities are carried out by external service providers.
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