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19 projects will receive co-financing from the Latvia–Lithuania CBC Programme

19 projects are approved for funding in the Latvia – Lithuania Cross Border Cooperation Programme (Programme). Projects request about EUR 28 million co-financing from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). However, as all 19 projects are approved under conditions (clarification on the Project activities including budget lines) the final allocated amount may change. The total amount of ERDF funds available to the projects in the framework of the Programme for the period 2007-2013 is EUR 60 million.

Decision on project approval was made by the Joint Monitoring and Steering Committee (JMSC) of the Programme at its meeting in Mazeikiai (Lithuania) on 15-16 September. Representatives from Latvia and Lithuania discussed all 51 projects received in the 1st Call for Proposal.

Approved projects carry out joint activities in both countries. In nine projects the Lead Partner shall be from Latvia, in ten – from Lithuania. Projects aim at improving environment, tourism infrastructure, social services and accessibility of the border regions. Detailed list of approved projects with their brief description can be found below.

JMSC also made decisions on documents required for Programme implementation including the Subsidy Contract, Model Partnership Agreement, Reporting forms, as well as changes in the Programme Manual and Application Form for the future calls.

Latvia – Lithuania Cross Border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013 is implemented under the European Territorial Cooperation Objective. The Programme aims at contributing to the sustainable and cohesive socio-economic development of the border region in order to make it competitive for economic and business development and attractive for people living and visiting.

List of approved projects:

  • "Improvement of the labor force competitiveness in Latvian-Lithuanian Maritime Sector” (Lead Partner – Lithuanian Maritime College, Lithuania) – aimed at ensuring lifelong learning opportunity and qualified assistance to seafarers by improving informal teaching services and infrastructure for studies.
  • „Harmonious cross border co-operation in traffic safety of LV-LT border regions ” (Lead Partner – Latvian office of Euroregion "Country of lakes" , Latvia) – aimed at promotion of harmonious cross border cooperation in traffic safety in 23 Latvian and Lithuanian urban and rural settlements, improvement of the internal and external accessibility and contribution to socio-economical development in the territory of Euroregion „Country of lakes”.
  • „Improvement of Active Tourism in Border Region” (Lead Partner – Palanga Town Municipality, Lithuania) – improvement of the accessibility of active tourism routes along Lithuanian-Latvian Border; promotion of the velo-tourism, exchange of best practices in the field of active tourism between two countries.
  • „Common Fire and Rescue Service Response System on the Border ” (Lead Partner – Panevezys County Fire and Rescue Board , Lithuania) – creation of joint fire fighting rescue service response system in the Lithuanian and Latvian border, aimed to operatively accumulate fire fighting rescue forces responding to incidents and extreme situations.
  • „Improvement of the Protection of Children's Rights in Ventspils and Klaipeda ” (Lead Partner – Crisis Centre for Families with Children “Paspārne” , Latvia) – improvement the protection of children's rights in the Latvian – Lithuanian border area, exchange experience, share and transfer best practices in the field of protection of children’s rights in Ventspils and Klaipeda, build joint solutions to shared problems basing as means for improving the methodological capacity of the Ventspils and Klaipeda crisis centres.
  • „Development of Accessible and Attractive Museums in Zemgale and Northern Lithuania ” (Lead Partner – Zemgale Planning Region , Latvia) – Project aims to support development of museums as important component of tourism and culture heritage within the border area – Zemgale and nothern Lithuania by improving the accessibility and attractiveness of nine museums and strengthening the network among the region museums and tourism sector.
  • „Cross border co-operation between Plungė and Bauska – joint sports activities and basis for future” (Lead Partner – Administration of Plunge District Municipality , Lithuania) – project contribute to solving borderline area municipalities – Plungė and Bauska – problems of low society involvement in any kind of sport and poor infrastructure available for the needs of people involved in sport activities .
  • „Cross-border network of craft as promoter of attractiveness of Latvia – Lithuania borderlands ” (Lead Partner – Zemgale Planning Region , Latvia) – promotion of attractiveness and competitiveness of Latvia – Lithuania borderlands through development of cross-border network of traditional applied art and craft.
  • „New Quality Image and Infrastructure Development in Remote Border Towns – Zarasai and Kraslava ” (Lead Partner – Zarasai District Municipality Administration , Lithuania) – aimed at increasing of attractiveness of border towns – Zarasai and Kraslava through creating regionally recognized unique brand New Quality Image .
  • „Interaction of Skuodas and Vainode fire and rescue services for life and environment safety” (Lead Partner – Skuodas District Municipality Administration, Lithuania) – aimed at establishment of an integrated system of responding to natural disasters in the municipalities of Skuodas and Vainode.
  • „Development of Creative Tourism through the creation of Clay Art Centres in Daugavpils and Utena” (Lead Partner – Local Lore Museum of Utena, Lithuania) – promotion of the awareness and expression of the pottery craftsmanship and ceramic arts for the Daugavpils and Utena Community, what in turn will contribute to the development of new tourism products and services.
  • „Art - Bridge Across the Borders” (Lead Partner - Municipality Ltd "Liepaja Puppet Theatre", Latvia) – aimed at promotion of the contacts between people and development of puppet theatre and street theatre festivals in border area of Latvia and Lithuania as important part of culture life and an attraction for tourists.
  • „Improvement of water quality in small settlements Vircava (LV) and Sauginiai (LT)” (Lead Partner – Vircava Local Authority, Latvia) – aimed at development of the cooperation among the municipalities of Šiauliai and Jelgava districts in the sphere of environment conservation.
  • „Continuance of Latvia-Lithuania cross-border cooperation in protection of population and environment” (Lead Partner – Šiauliai region fire-fighting and rescue council, Lithuania) – aimed at fostering creation of effective cross-border co-operation in emergency situations, thus improving safety of citizens on both sides of the border as well as travellers crossing border region.
  • „Improving accessibility to the advanced public health services in Lithuanian-Latvian borderline area” (Lead Partner – Public institution Klaipėda County Hospital, Lithuania) – aimed at increasing of the quality of public health services and productivity of the cooperation in Latvian-Lithuanian borderline area.
  • „Sustainable Tourism Development at Kupiskis Lagoon (Lithuania) and Lake Luban (Latvia)” (Lead Partner – Kupiskis District Municipality Administration, Lithuania) – development of tourism and recreation infrastructure at Kupiskis Lagoon and Luban Lake; development of community-based tourism concept and raising the human capacity of local communities.
  • „Creation of disaster management system in neighbouring regions of Latvia and Lithuania, Phase II” (Lead Partner - Jelgava City Council, Latvia) – Phase II facilitates implementation of three main priorities set forth in the Strategy: Legal and institutional development, Establishment of data exchange system in risk management and Development of risk management infrastructure thus ensuring accessibility, quality and effectiveness of disaster management and emergency recovery services in Latvia and Lithuania by year 2015.
  • „Facilitating the Attractive Image of Border Area by Efficient Management of Culture Institutions” (Lead Partner – Daugavpils City Council, Latvia) – strengthening and promoting cultural alliance between Daugavpils and Rokiskis thus contributing to the attractiveness of the cross-border region. In the frame of the project, the capacity of culture professionals will be raised, new management system will be introduced in culture centres, cultural infrastructure will be improved in the cross-border area and a common platform for enhanced cultural dialogue will be established.
  • „Joint water-based tourism offering in Latgale region and Utena county” (Lead Partner – Latgale Planning Region, Latvia) – diversification of the tourism products, raising economic gains from tourism and improvement accessibility to water tourism products.

Information in Latvian can be found here
Information in Lithuanian can be found here