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13 September 2012

Latvia–Lithuania Cross border Cooperation Programme, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania, Bauska municipality and the Bauska Castle Museum invites everyone to celebrate the Balts Unity Day - Latvian and Lithuanian joint celebration dedicated to the unity and cooperation between both countries on 22 September 2012 in Bauska Castle.
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6 September 2012

More than 180 events will take place across Europe on 21 September and throughout that week whereas around 30 events will be organized by LatviaLithuania Programme’s Projects by opening the doors for locals and everyone interested. Read more >

5 September 2012

The Joint Technical Secretariat of the LatviaLithuania Programme offers you individual consultations* in Lithuania for 2012.
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18 July 2012

LatviaLithuania Programme encourages all the Projects and anyone living in the European Union (EU) to participate in photo competition "Europe in my Region" organized by European Commission Read more >

17 July 2012

European Commissioner Johannes Hahn highlights the benefits of territorial cooperation and urges people to get involved in this year's European Cooperation Day. Read more >

21 June 2012

In this issue you will find information about further our Programme's implementation and funding changes, advices for the better communication, the possibility to participate in European Cooperation Day 2012, approved 4th Call projects inline with the EUSBSR and results of the projects. Read more >

21 June 2012

Happy Midsummer fest! / Lustīgu līgošanu! / Linksmų Joninių! Read more >

14 June 2012

Visible achievements of the projects to the general public and stakeholders are the challenging task. It was a key theme of the Latvia-Lithuania Programme Communication Conference "Be visible – tell about your project achievements!" held on 16 May 2012 in Šiauliai. It is not possible and there is no intention to reflect all ideas on to how to ensure project visibility, yet we would like to provide some notions of this event shared by the experts and participants. Read more >

8 June 2012

On 22 May 2012 the European Commission made the approval in Programme funding changes where the amount of EUR 1 400 000 has been shifted from the Priority I “Encouragement of socio-economic development and competitiveness of the region” to the Priority II “Attractive living environment and development of sustainable community”
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8 June 2012

Can disability and work be compatible? During the final conference of the project “Be Able” it was proved that such question can not exist. Even though the unemployment of disabled people is a very actual problem in Latvia and Lithuania comparing with Western countries, during the project public organization  “Union of Disabled Social Enterprises”, association “Balta maja” and society “Learning Projects” were able to raise the competitiveness of social enterprises. Therefore the number of employed people with disabilities was increased too. 
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