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20 October 2008
When there will be the 2nd Call for Proposals?

19 projects were approved under conditions for financing from the Latvia – Lithuania Programme in the 1st Call which was closed on 30 June 2008. Everyone who did not manage to apply in the 1st Call or wants to improve project application is probably waiting impatiently when the 2nd Call will be announced.

Read more >

15 October 2008
Presentations and photos of the Lead Partner Seminar

Latvia – Lithuania Cross Border Cooperation Programme is happy that almost all Lead Partners of the 1st Call approved projects came to the Lead Partner Seminar that took place in Riga on 13-14 October 2008.  Read more >

3 October 2008
2nd Newsletter is issued

We are happy to present our new Newsletter (Autumn, 2008, No2). In this issue we write about results of the 1st Call for Proposals, benefits of our new website, JTS Local Office in Lithuania. There you can also read an interview with European Commission representative Mr. Jean Marc Venineaux about the Programme, projects and cooperation benefits. Read more >

2 October 2008
Lead Partner Seminar

Lead Partner Seminar for Projects approved in 1st Call for Proposals is organized on 13-14 October, 2008 in Riga, Latvia. The seminar is aimed for the Lead Partner Project Coordinators and Financial Managers of the approved Projects. Read more >

25 September 2008
Procurement: Information and Representation materials

Programme JTS announced the procurement procedure of producing the information and representation materials for Programme needs. Read more >

18 September 2008
19 projects will receive co-financing from the Latvia–Lithuania CBC Programme

19 projects are approved for funding in the Latvia – Lithuania Cross Border Cooperation Programme (Programme). Projects request about EUR 28 million co-financing from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Information in Latvian (here) and Lithuanian (here). Read more >

12 September 2008
JMSC will approve 1st Call Project Proposals

Joint Monitoring and Steering Committee (JMSC) of the Latvia – Lithuania Cross Border Cooperation Programme (Programme) meets on 15-16 September in Lithuania to approve project proposals that were submitted for the 1st call. Read more >

7 August 2008
New Website of the Latvia-Lithuania CBC Programme is launched

Welcome to the new Website of the Latvia-Lithuania CBC Programme! There you will find all information about the Programme and its implementation. Read more >

21 July 2008
Construction experts needed

Joint Technical Secretariat launches the procurement for selection of construction experts to carry quality assessment of Project applications in the framework of the Latvia-Lithuania Cross-Border Cooperation Programme. Read more >

1 July 2008
51 applications received within the 1st Call for Proposals

The 1st call for project applications for the Latvia - Lithuania Cross Border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013 (Programme) was closed yesterday, on 30 June 2008.  Altogether 51 applications have been received. Read more >