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Europe Day celebration - grow older actively!

Latvia–Lithuania Programme during past Saturday on 12 May has participated in celebration of Europe Day in Vermana park (Riga) at European Garden Festival. It was already fourth year when Latvia-Lithuania Programme and projects where presented during the event.

This year 2012 is pronounce the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations by the European Union and main activities within the festival where devoted to this topic, as well as motto of the event was: Let us be active through generations! JOIN IN!

More information about the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations is available here >.

The main objective of the event was through engaging a broad range of participants (public institutions, NGOs, the private sector, individuals, foreign diplomatic missions etc.) to present active ageing and solidarity between generations in the overall context of the Europe 2020 Strategy as well as promote public involvement in the pursuit of common goals of the European Union, raise awareness among general public in Latvia about internal communication processes in the community and opportunities for cooperation among various groups of population and offer opportunities for exploring one’s potential and having an active attitude disregarding age.

During this event the Latvia-Lithuania Programme has participated in the tent of PROSPEROUS EUROPE together with the Ministry of Finance and regional EU Information Centres. The Programme was promoted by offering the creative workshop where all participants could made the bracelets of friendship in Latvian and Lithuanian colours, draw the painting how we could help each other as well as answer the questions about European Union or Lithuania and get sweet amber candy as small souvenir.

The most popular activity was simulation game about challenges of ageing which was presented in cooperation with Baltic Sea Region Programme. Many people tried the equipment which lets oneself to feel like 70-80 year old person as well as wear gloves which imitates hand shaking and try glasses of various sight diseases. This equipment make people more tolerant and have bigger empathy towards older people.  The live event broadcast was interested about this equipment and it was presented during the opening broadcast from the park.

Additionally the project ‘Best Agers’ of the BSR Programme presented their innovative inventions for children (made by seniors).

The rest of the pictures from the event can be found in the Gallery here >.