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Latvia - Lithuania future cooperation perspectives
During the Annual event of the Programme which was held on 22 September in Rokiskis, Lithuania representatives of both countries' Ministries of Foreign Affairs Neris Germanas and Alberts Sarkanis were invited to give an introduction into the report on future cooperation perspectives of Latvia and Lithuania.

“Our countries are the only Balts’ representatives in the world, which speak in the two alive Balts’ languages. Our contacts in the history have been both tighter, and colder, but the border with length of 588 km encourages continuing and strengthening the cooperation.” both countries’ government empowered report authors Neris Germanas from Lithuania and Alberts Sarkanis from Latvian side are saying. 

The report will soon be ready, responsible gentlemen ensured and it will show the common future vision of both countries’ inhabitants. The document will present the current situation of both countries’ relationships and point to desirable future perspectives, including offers of most appropriate methods.

“Of course the report deals with economy, internal security, international relationships, finance, energetic and transport. But during the preparation of the report we understood a principled position: cooperation only between two countries in the world nowadays is not almost impossible. As a minimum, cooperation happens between at least three countries and only in separate special spheres it can happen within cooperation of two Baltic countries. Latvia and Lithuania as the Balts’ descendants can find many interrelation points in spheres of culture, education and information exchange, but in these spheres we are still not doing anything much,” N.Germans is unsparing. “In other spheres cooperation is ongoing and will take place on wider scale – at least Baltic States or Northern Europe level or European Union, or even global scale.”    

“However, a lot can be done, if there is a will. Personal and political will, state will. We need that” report author from Latvia is emphasizing.

"LATLIT program undoubtedly contributed to the cooperation, however it is in the beginning stage," says A.Sarkanis. "There are signals that LATLIT programme is likely to continue into the next programming period, then the result will be seen better. Because there is no denying that - not everything can be done only with the idea, the heart and soul. There are things in need of money. This European Union programme, this tendency is of great importance."

Full speech text is available here >. (audio). Please wait a while for the file been downloaded.