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Lead Partner Seminar

Lead Partner Seminar is organized on 13-14 October, 2008 in Riga, Latvia. The seminar is aimed for the Lead Partner Project Coordinators and Financial Managers of the approved Projects.

The Seminar will take place for two days, the first day being allocated for presentations and the second day – for individual consultations.

The objective of the Seminar is to provide practical information related to the Project implementation. This includes, among other, explanation of reporting procedures, requirements for project and financial management, project information and communication tools, etc.

The language of the Seminar is English.

Please consider in advance the questions you would like to ask during the Seminar and send them by 6th October 2008 to Laura Melne (info@latlit.eu) together with the Registration Form. It will help us to focus the meeting on issues that are of particular importance to you.

Please inform us about your participation in the Seminar by Monday, 6th October 2008 at the latest by returning the filled in Registration Form to info@latlit.eu. As a general rule no more than two persons per institution will be confirmed.

Agenda of the Lead Partner Seminar.

General Information