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Programme Annual Event: Project Market in Rokiskis
Over 240 people from Latvia and Lithuania attended the Latvia-Lithuania Programme’s annual event “Latvia-Lithuania: ACHIEVEMENTS” that was organized on 22 September 2011 in Rokiskis, Lithuania.The Projects Market took place in Rokiskis Museum, which was renovated within the Programme's project "Museum Access".

22 September is known as Balts Unity Day and this was a great occasion to show how united the Balts are.

Both ambassadors greeted the participants. The ambassador of Latvia in Lithuania Mārtiņš Virsis is certain that all these many cross border projects of Latvia and Lithuania make daily life of the inhabitants of the border area better and more qualitative. While new ambassador of Lithuania in Latvia Ričardas Degutis pointed out that Baltic region has all preconditions to become the most attractive in all European Union. "We already have opportunities to get closer to this aim. But it will be fully achieved just if we bet a brick at the building blocks - how it is done by the administrators of the cross border programme."

During the Project Market 16 projects presented themselves by giving a promotional lecture or preparing a representative stand. Promotional lectures where presented within the tourism, environmental and social fields. The project STELLA has presented the developed recreational infrastructure at Kupiskis Lagoon and Lake Luban and results of cleaning campaigns, workshops and consultations. The project LIVE VENTA introduced the results of the research and informational campaign to the local inhabitants of the basin of the river Venta. And project BE ABLE presented the research on disabled people integration and work possibilities.

Participants had a possibility to get to know each of the project. The moderator of the event introduced each project by asking shifty questions and offered to demonstrate the project results by some quiz, competitions, or even a life music performance.

The event was a great chance to introduce the project results to other projects and Project Market participants and Programme's stakeholders and representatives of media which where arrived to the Project Market within the organized bus tour as well as share the experience and gather new ideas.

Programme’s annual event was organized together with the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of the Republic of Latvia and Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Lithuania as well as Embassies of both countries.

Click on the image to view the pictures from the event.
Project Market 2011

For a taste of what happened in Rokiskis, watch the highlights of the Project Market.