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The Annual Implementation Report of the Latvia–Lithuania programme for 2014 has been approved by the European Commission
Latvia–Lithuania programme has received the letter from the European Commission (EC) confirming that the Annual Implementation Report of the programme for 2014 could be regarded as approved. 'It provides a good understanding of implementation issues and the key factors affecting programme performance in 2014', it is said in the letter of the EC.

Every year, by the end of June, the Latvia–Lithuania programme submits an Annual Implementation Report to the EC. The report includes the most important activities that have been carried out in 2014: achievement and analysis of the progress of the programme, status of the projects, monitoring and evaluation aspects, main decisions, information and publicity activities.

The report for 2014 was approved by the Joint Monitoring and Steering Committee on 19 June 2015 and submitted for approval to the EC on 30 June 2015.

The Annual Implementation Report 2014