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Traditional game of Samogitia (Lithuania) 'Ripka' brings Plunge and Bauska together

Plunge District Municipality in cooperation with Bauska County Council is implementing a project “Cross border cooperation between Plunge and Bauska- joint sports activities and basis for future” aka ACTIVE. One of the nearest events during this project is “Ripka in Bauska” on 28-30 of August 2009.

Ripka is a traditional game of Samogitia (Lithuania). It is played on a field (usually football field) and it uses football goals as well. But the game itself and the equipment are completely different from football. At first, seeing the equipment it seems alike and reminds a little bit of ice-hockey, except that it’s bigger and wooden. For those, who haven’t seen the game, it seems really strange and complicated. Those who haven’t seen it or played it can’t really imagine how the game is played. But it is fun and very attractive.

During this event delegation of 25 people from Plunge will come to Bauska to teach local inhabitants how to play Ripka. Ripka is a completely unknown team sport game in Bauska and Latvia in general. This will be a very attractive adventure for sportsmen in Bauska as well as every interested citizen.

This event is free of charge and everybody can join the trainings and competition.

Contact person of the event
Zane Zakarite, phone: +371 639 60196