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When there will be the 2nd Call for Proposals?

19 projects were approved under conditions for financing from the Latvia – Lithuania Programme in the 1st Call which was closed on 30 June 2008. Everyone who did not manage to apply in the 1st Call or wants to improve project application is probably waiting impatiently when the 2nd Call will be announced.

Decision on the dates of the 2nd Call for Proposals shall be made by the Joint Monitoring and Steering Committee by the end of this year. It is planned that 2nd Call will be launched in the beginning of 2009.

Joint Technical Secretariat prepared answers to the most common questions asked about the 2nd Call.

When to start preparing of Project Application?

To prepare a good project application you need time, so it is never late to start. Keep in mind that you have to develop a project idea, activities, look for the right partners, plan financial issues and prepare all technical documents.

Will there be any changes in the 2nd Call in comparison to the 1st Call?

Detailed information on changes shall be known after the Joint Monitoring and Steering Committee’s decision.

Will there be changes in the Application Form?

There shall not be substantial changes in the Application Form, thus you can use the outline of the current Form when developing the project idea.

Do Programme Priorities stay the same?

Programme Priorities will not change, as they are included in the Programme document and approved by Latvia, Lithuania and European Commission.

How much money is left?

Approximately ca EUR 28 million of ERDF funding are available for projects under Priority I and ca EUR 7 million for projects under Priority II.

What were the most common mistakes made by the projects in the 1st Call?

Among the most critical mistakes was the missing cross border cooperation aspect, even if this is one of the most important criteria for project to be approved. To know other mistakes, we encourage you to read our 2nd Newsletter, article "Application Form: Lessons to Learn" (here).

Will there be information seminars?

As soon as the 2nd Call is announced there will be information seminars and individual consultations organized in Latvia and Lithuania. However, you are also welcome to inform us about events in which you would like to invite the Joint Technical Secretariat experts to participate.

How to stay informed about the Call?

The best is to subscribe to the Latvia – Lithuania Programme news (here). As soon as the 2nd Call is announced you will get an email informing about it. All official information is also available at the Programme website.

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