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About the Thematic Capitalisation

The Aim:

The aim of the Thematic Latvia–Lithuania Programme 2007-2013 Capitalisation is to identify good practices, innovative approaches, sustainability and added value of cross border cooperation, as well as the impact upon the target groups, project synergies and contribution to the implementation of European Union Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region.

With the approval of 129 Programme projects in different topics certain regional development issues have already been tackled by a significant number of projects. Therefore additional results and lessons learnt can be obtained through the benchmarking and detailed analysis of these projects. The process of the capitalisation can generally be defined as collecting, analysing, disseminating and transferring good practices on the same topic.

The Thematic Programme Capitalisation should benefit:

1. The Projects themselves and more generally the local and regional authorities in Programme territory

The identification of valuable experiences within a specific field of regional development is an added-value for the local and regional authorities interested in that field. It could also lead to possible synergies and mutual enrichment for future projects.

2. Programme bodies: members of the Joint Monitoring and Steering Committee and institutions involved in the Programme implementation

Programme bodies have a clearer insight into the Programme thematic achievements; which could also lead to a better strategic governance of the Programme.

3. Local, regional, national policy levels

The screening and information on regional policy issues and solutions can provide local, regional, national and even European policy-makers with better insight into the Latvia–Lithuania Programme achievements. It could even have an influence on the shaping of some of these policies.

How is it done?

Projects have been divided into thematic pools based on their thematic focus in the following 4 topics:
1.    Sustainable and Clean Environment through Cooperation;
2.    Improvement of Labour Mobility and Employment;
3.    Social Inclusion as Precondition of Territorial Development;
4.    Improved Quality of Living through Efficient Public Services and Administration.
Four Thematic Capitalisation reports have been done by ArtSmart ltd. and Safege Baltija ltd. involving relevant experts for each topic. The process has been coordinated by the MA and JTS. The project partners have contributed by providing all relevant information and participating in focus group discussions and individual interviews.